Love the pool at my gym

For awhile I got out of the habit of going to the gym.

I realized that hardly any of the machines appealed to me.

I mainly used the elliptical and then stretched on the mats. It seemed like a waste of money paying for a gym membership to use one machine. It also was very time consuming driving there and back. I hated using the locker room showers and packing a bag as well. A core progression recently opened up and they now have a pool. I decided to give it a try to utilize the pool. I love swimming for a work out now. With swimming, you are using your entire body to propel yourself forward. You also can really get your heart rate pumping with a swim. The water is so gentle on your muscles. Anytime I am sore and worried about a workout aggravating my body, I take a dip in the pool. I feel so much better afterwards. The pool is such a relaxing and fun way to burn calories. I don’t feel I need to work out as long in order to get physically fit. Since I am in the water too, I forgo a shower and just head home. I am really loving going to the core progression a few times a week for my work out. I have even thought of giving their personal training a try. The gym is all brand new with high end equipment and mats. The personal trainers are certified fitness experts. It couldn’t hurt to at least try one session to see if I like it.

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