Started riding my bike again

I gave up riding my bike when I was around ten years old.

  • I then picked the habit back up again at 25.

My reasons for bike riding are a lot different from when I was a kid. I now ride only for a work out. I love doing heavy cardio workouts. There is only so much running a body can take. I moved onto jumping rope and swimming laps. Finally I decided to give bike riding another chance. Thankfully I have been smart about getting back on the bike. I did not cheap out and I bought a properly sized bike that is made to go on and off road. I had a kickstand and water bottle holder installed to make it easier for me. I also got a speaker that hooks to my bike and a holder for my phone. I can have hands free music, easy access to water and I mounted a basket on my bike to carry a yoga mat. What I will do is a twenty minute bike ride to the local soccer field. I then take out my yoga mat and do crunches and stretching. I then pack everything up and do the twenty minute ride back. I get an hour of working out and I do a whole list of different things. I have started to really enjoy riding my bike now. I am able to stop and start so much easier. I can take tight turns and switch gears with ease. Someday I would like to be able to do a very long, almost an hour bike ride.

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Cape Town, South Africa