The perfect time to invest in an air purifier

It seems like all I hear on the news, radio, and in the media is the spread of Coronavirus, and it’s scary! Even though my family plus I are doing our best to stay safe during this crisis, we have some vulnerable members of our household.

My father in law lives with me, my husband, and our newborn. My father in law has had difficulty breathing for years and regularly uses an inhaler. When everything shut down, we all decided it would be in his best interest to strictly quarantine. While he never leaves the house, my husband and I still have to! The CDC guidelines have become ritual to us. We grab gloves and masks like we grab our keys and wallet. We’ve even gone so far as to sanitize the groceries and change our clothes in the garage. It’s crucial to be thorough plus safe at this time. My father in law’s doctor suggested that we use an air cleaner. My husband thought it would be a great idea. We knew this would be beneficial to air quality and my father in law’s breathing. The air cleaner ensures that our home is consistently fresh, clean, plus free of germs plus bacteria. The HVAC company in our town helped us install the air cleaner. It works genuinely well plus has its own hepa air filter. The air filter covers all of the surface area of the air cleaner, so all germs plus particles become trapped in the filter. That hepa air filter gets changed every month, and even though there is no cure for the coronavirus, there are a lot of ways that you can protect yourself plus your family from getting sick.


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