Trying kickboxing after my husband gave up on it

My husband is one of those people who starts something all gung ho, and then quits halfway into it.

We have a lot of projects around the house that are half finished.

He loves starting a new hobby, buying all the equipment and then dropping it after two weeks. I typically try to utilize the stuff he buys and finish his half done projects. The most recent one is that my husband said he was going to get into kickboxing. He bought himself a heavy bag and mounted it in our garage. He then got speed bags, mats and boxing gloves. He even found a fitness center that offers kickboxing classes for workout purposes and other classes to actually learn how to fight. After buying all the equipment, he spent a week trying it out. Now all that stuff is sitting in the garage and the classes are starting up at the fitness center. I decided to give kickboxing a try. I love doing it as a work out now! I start doing speed bag drills to get my arms warm and loose. Then I hit the heavy bag doing arms and leg strikes. I then end my session either shadow boxing or doing a loose stretch. I found all the kickboxing information that my husband gathered. I think I am going to sign up. I actually want to learn how to punch properly and throw a kick. I know I am doing something wrong. It wouldn’t hurt learning self defense and I know the work out will be intense.

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