We like opposite things in the gym

When my husband and I go to the gym it is almost comical.

The two of us do the exact opposite of the other one.

I like to focus on cardio. I hit the treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine and stationary bike. I like to do 15 minutes on each one just working as fast as I can. I then do a loose stretch and swim some laps in the pool. My husband likes to do weight lifting. He goes to the other end and lifts giant weights to work all areas of his arms. He will even do leg press and arm curl machines as well. He then will stretch, but in the sauna of the gym. He likes sweating out the toxins and relaxing in the steam. I like the cold pool water washing away my sweat and getting more cardio in. The two of us can’t find anything work out related that we both like to do. He wants to build muscle and then relax. I want to cut weight and get out of there. I go as fast as humanly possible moving through the gym. My husband takes his time to do more weight and more reps. We have talked about maybe trying a group fitness class to see if we both enjoy working with a personal trainer. The class should be a mix of both things we like to do. Maybe we can meet in the middle and both enjoy the class. It seems unlikely with how different we are working out.


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