Air quality is important during the pandemic

My wife and I were mind blown when the pandemic escalated to the extent that it did.

We are in our sixties and we have never seen anything like it. We followed the guidelines from handwashing to mask wearing, but it still was scary. Suddenly, it was difficult to get items as straight-forward as toilet paper and hand sanitizer because everybody was freaking out. I began wondering if we were too vulnerable to leave the house at all. Within the week, everything deemed nonessential was shut down, and we were just trying to navigate through this whole thing in a safe way. The thing I was ecstatic about is the fact that the Heating and Air Conditioning companies were considered to be essential. The first thing I did was schedule an appointment to have our air duct cleaned out. My wife and I definitely wanted to have that done in order to improve air quality in our home. As the HVAC technician was working on cleaning our ducts, he explained that the best thing we could do for air quality at a time like this was to invest in a UV air purifier. He explained how the air purification method uses a HEPA air filter which is wonderful for keeping the air quality great. He also was saying that with this dangerous virus going around, the UV light would help protect us because it kills bacteria and viruses like clockwork. Basically all the air that flows through the air duct will be purified and free from bacteria and viruses thanks to that UV light. I was sold on this within the first 3 minutes of his pitch. I was intent on doing anything I could do to keep my wife safe in a time where so much is out of our control. We purchased the UV air purifier, and it came with some peace of mind. I have recommended it to all of my friends and family.


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