Good air quality leads to better health

My family and I were unsure of how to react when the pandemic hit our state so hard.

We obviously followed the standards of wearing marks in public, staying six feet apart, and keeping our hands cleaned at all times.

The world changed overnight it seemed. All of the sudden, it was hard to get items as common as toilet paper & hand sanitizer because everybody was freaking out. Stores, businesses, schools, and restaurants began to close, as they were not deemed essential during this time. This didn’t bother us because safety was our primary concern. The thing I was glad about is the fact that the Heating & Air Conditioning companies were considered to be essential. We took this as an opportunity to have our HVAC duct cleaned out. This was a must in order to improve the air quality in our home at such a crucial time. When we got this cleaning done, the Heating & Air Conditioning specialist was saying that it would be a smart decision to invest in a UV air purification system… She explained how the air purification system uses a HEPA air filter which is great for keeping the air quality clean. It is the strongest filter when it comes to removing unwanted air contaminants. She also was saying that with this dangerous virus going around, the UV light would help protect us because it kills bacteria & viruses. Basically all the air that flows through the HVAC duct will be purified & free from bacteria & viruses thanks to that UV light. I typically don’t fall for a sales pitch on the spot, but I genuinely wanted that in my house! So our family was able to have a little bit of peace of mind thanks to our modern UV air purification system. I also told all my friends & family that they needed to invest as well!


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