I haven’t seen those in a long time

I was chatting to someone the other day & they brought up a pretty wonderful point I haven’t actually thought about.

The point was that hardly anyone uses gas heating systems these days as a form of heating, however furnaces are what most people used before central heating, ventilation & A/C turned into the normal thing, however air conditioning in those days was usually provided from a huge window air conditioning device that sat in people’s kitchen windows! However the heating was either a gas gas furnace or an electric gas furnace! It was much to our surprise that there were some people that still used gas furnaces, but usually those with older homes that were not built to have central heating, ventilation & A/C.

And we currently live in those kinds of homes that still have gas heating systems just don’t want to put the currency out to have the ducttoil laid & the beach house converted to a more new heat & air conditioning system proposal like central heating, ventilation & A/C. But seriously, other than these one off situations, who honestly uses gas heating systems anymore for heating? My Grandma and Grandpa when they were alive even converted their apartment to central heating, ventilation & A/C when they could afford to do it. And this was in the early days of central heating & cooling too! I have fond memories of growing up with a gas furnace for heating in the winter. But it is honestly something that I would not want to deal with this day in age. It was too much of a headache to maintain, however central heating is the only heat for me!

Zone controlled HVAC

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