I told all my loved ones they needed to get a UV air purification system to be safe

We honestly had no idea what to do when the pandemic hit our state so hard.

We were told to wear masks when out in public and we had to wash our hands like crazy.

It was hard to get items as simple as toilet paper and hand sanitizer because everybody was freaking out. A bunch of businesses closed that were not considered essential, but we were okay with that because we just wanted to be safe. The thing I was happy about is the fact that the HVAC companies were considered to be essential. This meant that we were able to have our ductwork cleaned out. We really wanted to have that done because we wanted improved air quality in our home. When we were doing that, the HVAC technician was saying that it would be a smart move to invest in a good UV air purification system. He explained how the air purification system uses a HEPA air filter which is fantastic for keeping the air quality great. He also was saying that with this dangerous virus going around, the UV light would help protect us because it kills bacteria and viruses like clockwork. Basically all the air that flows through the ductwork will be purified and free from bacteria and viruses thanks to that UV light. I was glad he was telling me about this because I definitely wanted that in my house! So we were able to have a little bit of piece of mind thanks to our new UV air purification system. I also told all my friends and family that they needed to get one too!

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