My boyfriend went off the grid

It was severely disappointing when my boyfriend decided to use his university funds to drop out and do his own thing.

We stayed together at first, but I became uncomfortable with his lifestyle.

He was living in a dangerous area and experimenting with drugs. He fell out of contact with me plus when I would try to reach out, I could never get a hold of him, then it got to the point that I didn’t think he was okay. I reached out to his family and found that they also had not seen or heard from him. I tried to move on with my life, but I felt uneasy knowing that he was not doing well. After numerous years of not knowing what was going on with my, now ex, boyfriend, eventually he came knocking at his parents’ house. His parents were accepting of his return because they just were glad he was alive. They soon set him on the right track and paid for him to complete the classes needed to earn an HVAC certification. By the time I saw him again, he had been working and saving money in the heating and cooling business for over 3 years. It was funny because I had called for an air conditioning repair, and I never expected to see him! He explained to me that heating and cooling had become his passion. He was making wonderful money, and even though he fell off for a while, he’s now back on track with his life plus I’m thankful for that. Not to mention, I wrote my phone number on a note and put it on his windshield. Everything happens for a reason!



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