My nephew hit a road bump

We were all very surprised when my nephew decided that he no longer wanted to go to college.

He took his money and his belongings and was gone within two weeks.

We knew he moved into the city, and we had heard he was seen using drugs with some friends, but he wanted nothing to do with our family all of the sudden. He had a falling out with his parents, and no one was able to reach him for almost 6 months. It got to the point that we didn’t even know if he was alive or dead. His parents were heartbroken that he didn’t go to school and set himself up for success. After many years of not knowing what was going on with my nephew, eventually he came knocking at my door. I was so glad to see him plus I offered him a big hug. I wanted to know everything. It turns out that his parents had turned him away. He was a mess and didn’t know how to mend his relationship with his family. I let him stay the night and suggested we talk about it in the morning. The next day, he kept saying how nice the air quality plus temperature control settings were in the house. I told him I had just had a UV air purification installed by our local Heating plus Air Conditioning dealer. It was kind of an epiphany for him. He said he enjoyed working on things when he was younger, and he thought he might actually be good at it. I thought it was a brilliant career path, so I offered to pay for his Heating plus Air Conditioning school. He accepted my offer plus thanked me. Within the next year, he earned his certification and got a job. He was able to then mend his relationship with his family slowly over time. I am so proud of him and glad he came to me in his lowest moment.
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