Taking a drug test

I just got a new job full time, and with this job I had to take a drug test, but not that I minded doing that due to the fact that I have never done drugs a single day of our life.

It is just that I did not want to have to go plus kneel in that hospital for hours and wait around for the darn drug testing! But if I wanted the work, I had to do it, but so I went plus sucked it up, and however, when I walked into the hospital I was relieved to guess some really good air quality plus nice air conditioning in there! I was not planning to deal with that.

It made the 2 hour wait I had to kneel through go by pretty smoothly! To be honest, the air quality and the air conditioning in the hospital was so nice I didn’t wanna leave the place. I was hoping and praying that I could have such good air quality in our own home. I have pretty nice air conditioning, but the air quality was nothing like what this was in the slightest. They must have had some kind of really powerful air purification system running throughout the place, then which in a hospital would make perfect sense. With all of the bacteria plus germs around that place with the sick men and women, it wouldn’t surprise myself and others if it was 1 of those duct mounted whole home UV air purification system type systems, but all in all, my two hours at the hospital for the drug testing was not the nightmare I had hoped that it was going to be.

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