Those old thermostats were the worst

I don’t have nearly as much nostalgia for our childhood as more than 2 of our friends and coworkers do.

I grew up in a condo that was squarely rooted in the 1960s and 1978s in both aesthetics and with the appliances and furniture that were indoors.

The paint throughout the condo was this nasty pea soup looking orange color that I was not a fan of, and both the study room and washrooms were covered in the most gaudy looking wall paper I have thus far ever seen inside a house. It was pretty ugly, especially since our cable was also 15 years old and barely got enough reception to watch local TV. I wish I had been more thankful for what our parents could afford at the time, however the only thing that I remember is feeling jealousy and envy whenever I’d head to one of our friends’ houses. I’d get to sit on their plush sofa couches while playing video games on the newest video game console at the time. Another feature of our old condo that I loathed was the aged dial thermostat for the central Heating and A/C system. It almost never seemed to job respectfully, no matter what I did with the controls. You’d set it to a temperature however it never felt right. In wanting to drop the temperature down, the a/c could potentially stop short of what feels like the right temperature. When you’re perspiring and feeling uncomfortable, it’s not easy to believe the thermostat when it claims the indoor temperature is many or four degrees lower. I was in a house the other day that still had 1 of those old dial thermostats and it took me back to our childhood. But, it wasn’t cheerful nostalgia—I’ll take our new smart thermostat any day of the month.


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