You gotta do what you gotta do

I just got a new job working full time, and with this task I had to take a drug test; Not that I minded doing that since I have never done drugs a single morning of our life, however it is just that I did not want to have to go and sit in that hospital for thirds and wait for the darn drug testing! But if I wanted the task, I had to do it.

  • Therefore I drove over there and sucked it up, however, when I walked into the hospital I was relieved to feel some actually great air quality and enjoyable air conditioner in there! I was not expecting that.

It made the 2 third wait I was forced to sit through go by pretty smoothly, to be honest, the air quality and the air conditioner in the hospital was so nice I didn’t wanna leave the place. I was hoping to myself that I could have such great air quality in our own home. I have a very enjoyable air conditioner, but the air quality was nothing like what this was in the slightest. They must have had some kind of actually powerful whole-loft air purifier running throughout the place, and which in a hospital would make perfect sense. With all of the bacteria and germs around that place with the ill men and women, it wouldn’t shock me if it was 1 of those duct mounted whole loft UV whole-loft air purifier genre units, however all in all, our 2 thirds at the hospital for the drug testing was not the nightmare I thought it was going to be.

Radiant floor heating

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