Apartment complex has the worst undefined I have ever seen

So lately I have been looking around at our chances for getting an apartment, plus I have been pleasantly surprised at quite a few.

Since there was still a single more I was going to look at, that looked enjoyable from the outside, I decided to take a tour of a potential room.

The apartment looked enjoyable on the outside plus even better on the inside. There was only a single major problem, the apartment complex felt horrible inside! It was appreciate they did not have any a/c in there! When I asked the man showing me around, he looked at me blankly. I knew after that, that I wouldn’t be interested in staying here. There was no way I was going to be always dealing with Heating plus Air Conditioning complications all of the time. I could maybe understand if the Heating plus Air Conditioning unit was down plus they were getting Heating plus Air Conditioning repair, but when I asked the guy he seemed to have no system what I was talking about. I decided to go with a single of the other apartments, but not only did this apartment look fine on the outside, but it felt enjoyable on the inside. Now these people knew what they were doing with their Heating plus Air Conditioning devices, I guess the other location could sit to learn a few things from this location. I went ahead plus rented an apartment here plus had the best heating plus cooling here, and if I had any Heating plus Air Conditioning troubles, they abruptly sent out a Heating plus Air Conditioning specialist who took care of the issue. I’m delighted I made the right choice, because I can’t imagine living separate from in our apartment.

HVAC unit

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Cape Town, South Africa