Had someone told us that there was more to putting an addition than putting up the walls and ceiling, I would have done it differently. No one told us that we had to consider the HVAC system along with the build itself. We had the ductwork installed when we were putting in the insulation and the walls. We even made electrical boxes for the thermostat, and we planned where to put the air vents for the heating and air conditioning. I never thought about whether our HvAC system was going to be able to handle the added load of an additional 1200 square feet of space. When the space was completed, we called the HvAC company. We wanted them to hook the space into the HvAC system and to install the thermostats into the rooms. The HvAC contractor who came out pursed his lips and shook his head. He told us he wasn’t able to put the HVAC into the new area. He told us that the current heating and air conditioning wasn’t strong enough to give us the amount of heating and air conditioning we needed for the extra space. He told us we could get a new system for this space, but the old one would have to be replaced if we planned on using it. He was very adamant about not hooking up an HVAC system made for 2100 square feet and expected it to heat and cool a 3300 square space. He said the HVAC wouldn't work efficiently and it would never give us what we needed.

We want our hamburger joint back.
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