I decided to people watch

Periodically when I am bored I will just go out and watch other people and see what others are up to, and I can get some…interesting sights, then some people are all nice and sweet around their friends, however as soon as they believe they are alone their tplot colors come out, and some of them are quite mean. I’ve seen similar things with families, a “perfect” family on the outside that all the people adores, however as soon as they believe they are alone they become mean and borderline abusive… Of course this only applies to some people, then a nice example is this 1 woman I saw. This 1 guy, who I believe is a Heating and Air Conditioning tech judging by her Heating and Air Conditioning truck, she acts all taxing and mean, but I can tell it’s a front. As soon as she is alone, she becomes undoubtedly friendly and even feeds the stray cats. She seems to hangout in this park where I people watch a lot, perhaps on break from her Heating and Air Conditioning business. I wonder what she had to go through that makes him believe that she has to put on a front for all the people. One afternoon I would like to talk to the Heating and Air Conditioning professional, however I am not sure if that would be a nice plan since she might believe it’s creepy that I like to watch people! Maybe a better way to introduce myself to him would be to find her Heating and Air Conditioning corporation, which is not undoubtedly taxing to find out because it’s on her Heating and Air Conditioning truck. I might have to get our A/C ducts cleaned and hopefully have him come to our house and after that all of us can talk.


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