I don’t worry about my husband’s uniforms getting filthy because I don’t have to wash them. I don’t worry about him not being safe, because I always know where he is working and with whom. I love that he is an HVAC tech and that he is able to help people to keep them safe. The only thing I don’t like is when he is called out after hours and on weekends. Do you know how hard it is to make plans when you don’t know if your husband is going to be home? It makes it really tough to have birthday parties for the kids, or to plan anniversaries for family and ourselves. He seems to have become the go-to person when no one else wants to take the job. Someone will be working and call to tell him they need to leave and my husband doesn’t know how to say no to them. It really sucks when I can’t even count on my husband being home for his own anniversary celebration. Do you know what it is like to go to dinner for your tenth anniversary and your husband never shows up? I do and it hurts like crazy Even though I understand his situation, it doesn’t make it even easier. When I had our son, he told the HVAC manager that he needed off that day. We were in the middle of delivery and they called to ask him to come to work. If I hadn’t threatened him with divorce, I’m wondering if he wouldn't have gone? I know he takes being an HVAC technician seriously, but enough is enough.

I like going without shoes and socks.



Cooling representative

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