I wanted AC work done, but I also wanted it done at a bargain.

I have an aversion to needing to pay full price. Last month I had to have some air conditioning work done, but I wasn’t about to pay full price for it. I was told I had the gift of gab and I could talk an Eskimo into buying ice cubes. I had no intentions of selling ice cubes, but I did have the intentions of talking down the price of my air conditioning work. I called the HvAC company and asked what they would charge to inspect my air conditioning. Once they quoted the price, I thanked them and went online. I started looking for coupons and different pricing other than what I had been given. I couldn’t believe how much higher some of the HvAC companies were charging. I was beginning to think I was already getting a deal until I started another search. This was bringing up coupons and deals like I had never expected. I had to admit that some of the companies weren’t in our area, but I didn’t think that should make a big difference. I called my HVAC company back and told them about the alternative pricing I had found. I asked if they would be willing to give me the same deal as the other company offered. I preferred to deal with local companies instead of other companies. I wasn’t surprised when they told me that if I printed out the offer they would gladly honor it. I had my AC unit serviced and I paid nearly 20% less than what their original quote had been.

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