I was ready to start going back to the parks.

I didn’t mind when they closed everything down because of the pandemic .

I realized how crucial it was to keep families at home where they weren’t getting exposed to the virus.

I worried about the virus, but I was also concerned about the mental welfare of my family. They needed to get out of the house and back to doing things as a family. When we were having winter weather, it wasn’t so bad. When summer weather arrived and we were using the air conditioning, the entire family was ready to get outside. We rode bikes on the boardwalk, but that wasn’t enough to satisfy our urge for fresh air and to do things. One of our favorite places to visit, happened to be the local zoo. We couldn’t wait for it to open so we could see the animals. I have to tell you that we all cheered when we found out it was finally open. We didn’t wait to hear the rules, we just knew we were going to go. I wish we had waited for all the rules of visiting the zoo. We would have stayed home in the air conditioning. It was ninety-two degrees and we thought if it got too hot, we would slip into one of the indoor displays, where there was air conditioning. They didn’t open the indoor exhibits because of lack of social distancing. We thought we could go to one of the restaurants where there was air conditioning, but they weren’t open, either. We took a vote, and after only one hour, we opted to go home and enjoy the air conditioning instead of baking together at the zoo.

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