It took almost six weeks and no one was put out.

The worst part about having a new HVAC system installed is how much time it can take and the mess it can create.

That was the reason we had been putting off putting the new HVAC into our church.

The HVAC company told us it was going to take nearly six weeks to complete the job. They had to rip out all the old ductwork and replace it with new. They had a new furnace and an air conditioning unit to install on the roof. They also had an air purification system that had to be installed. We couldn’t figure out how we were going to be able to do the installation without disturbing any of our congregation. When the pandemic hit, it solved our problems. The pandemic was so virile that it made it necessary to even close places of worship. We called to see the HVAC company would be able to do the work in the church. For six weeks, I watched over the workers as they ripped out walls and ceiling in an effort to get all the old ductwork removed. They had to put new ductwork back in place and have someone restore the walls. Then they brought in the AC unit that was going to be put on top of the church. By the time they were done with their work, our church looked the same as it had previously. The difference was in how good the air quality was now. It was cool when it should be and warm when it should be. Even our congregation that had problems breathing was going to enjoy coming to church again. It’s difficult being the wife of an HvAC tech.


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