My allergies are worsening.

I’m not happy with how bad my allergies have gotten over the last two years.

What used to be seasonal allergies, are now year round allergies.

I am taking more medicine and getting less help. I wake up with watery eyes and a runny nose and go to bed just as bad. I talked to my allergist, hoping she could give me a way to help ease my allergies that didn’t make me want to sleep and feel like a Zombie. I almost laughed when she told me she thought my problem may not be all allergies. She was thinking there could be a problem with my HVAC system. She asked if I had my ductwork cleaned lately and if I had an air purifier in the house.. I had never heard of having my ductwork cleaned. I didn’t have an air purifier and I wasn’t sure where to get one. She told me the ductwork should be cleaned every two or three years. This removed all excess dust from the system that could be circulating through the air in my home. She also told me that I should call the HVAC company when I got home and inquire about the ductwork. When I made the call I should also ask about getting information on whole house air purification. I made the call to the HVAC company, surprised that they were able to come as quickly as the following week. I had to admit that my allergies improved greatly after having the ductwork cleaned. I was still interested in more information about the air purifier. They handed me brochures and told me if I had any questions to give them a call.

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