My friends and I were used to getting out of work and heading to the closest hamburger joint for an afterwork snack. If we were honest, we headed there because they had the best air quality of any place we could go. I didn’t know what an air purification system was until we started going to this hamburger joint. No matter what they were cooking that day, the scents hung around long enough to entice you to eat, but not long enough to be annoying. Once the pandemic hit, the hamburger joint had to close. They didn’t have any way to supply take out, and they weren’t interested in looking for the few people they got inside, hoping they would want to pick up and leave. They knew their biggest draw was the HVAC system with the air purification. I couldn’t even get the type of air quality in my own home that the little hamburger joint had. My friends and I ended up being in our homes, and complaining about how bad it was. We talked about how we were all looking forward to when the small hamburger joint opened again. I think that if I could get that kind of air quality in my home, I wouldn't worry so much about the hamburger joint.. The thing is that it means more to us than just a hamburger and good air quality. It is a place where we can sit and relax with our friends. If they have trouble reopening after the pandemic lets loose, we may even get together and help the owners if they are willing to give us a free burger.


a/c care program

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Cape Town, South Africa