My husband keeps buying me new socks and slippers. I think he is hoping I take the hint and start wearing them so he doesn’t have to hear me complain about my feet being cold. It isn’t my fault the HVAC technician who installed the air vents into our apartment, didn’t know what they were doing. Air vents for air conditioning are supposed to be installed at the top of the wall and not on the floor. Didn’t anyone tell them that heat rises and cold falls. Why would you put the air conditioning on the floor? All it does is spread the AC along the floor and everything from there up is hot and humid. If you were to put the air vents for the heating on the floor, it would make sense. The floor would be heated and the rest of the room would be heated as the heated rises. It is the same principal with the air vents as with radiant heating. I told my husband that if he wants me to have warm feet then he needs to get us our own home. We could then put our air conditioning air vents on the wall and no one could tell us we weren’t supposed to change the interior. These people actually have the heating and air conditioning coming from the same air vents. This just doesn’t make sense to me, but apparently it saved the building owners a lot of money on ductwork and air vent covers. It is the only reason I can come up with for this crazy way of doing HVAC.

I thought that all we had to do was build the addition.

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