We are moving south.

I promised my partner that when we got older, we would move south if he still wanted to.

I knew that he had been born there and lived there until he moved up north to go to school.

That was where we met and fell in love. He was more than willing to stay up north with me until we got older. He said that when he retired, he wanted to retire down south and live near the coast. I made that promise to him, but I was hoping he wouldn’t push it. I was hoping that he would fall in love with the north and change his mind about moving. I guess it was too much to ask for. He started complaining about how high the energy bills were going. He said that it was costing more for fuel every month and he was tired of the winter weather. Then last month, I saw him going through a real estate magazine, looking for property near the ocean. I took a deep breath and asked what he was doing. He reiterated about the cold and high winter utility bills. He said he wanted to live where he didn’t have to worry about fireplaces and furnaces. He wanted to be able walk on the beach all year round and enjoy the air conditioning and ocean breeze. I tried to tell hi8m the energy bills would probably be as high if not higher because of needing air conditioning all year round. He didn’t want to hear me out. He started to pout and told me that I promised. He was right and I had promised. I guess I will soon be hearing air conditioning running 24/7 and paying high utility bills all year round.

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