Workout area isn’t temperature controlled

Physical fitness is a priority for me.

I work out for approximately an hour every single day.

I am fortunate to have a sizable lanai across the back of my home. This is an ideal spot to exercise. The lanai is ten feet wide, 24 feet long, and the floor is smooth cement. The entire exterior wall consists of screens that provide a gorgeous view of the lake behind my house. I have plenty of space to store all of my workout equipment and setup mats. I’m able to jump rope, lift weights, lunge squat and complete all types of fitness routines. The only issue with the lanai is that it isn’t temperature controlled. For the majority of the year, the screens let in enough of a breeze to keep the area fairly comfortable. I have an electric box fan to help circulate the air and provide relief from the heat. However, the winter weather sometimes makes it far too chilly to workout. Even bundling up in sweatpants and a sweatshirt doesn’t make up for the lack of a heating system. In the middle of the summer, I would really like to have access to air conditioning. I get up as early in the morning as possible, hoping to avoid the heat of the day, and end up drenched with sweat. When the temperature is in the low nineties with high humidity, it’s just about impossible to get motivated and enjoy a strenuous workout. I wish there was some way to install a heating or cooling system into the lanai. Because of the screens, the heated or cooled air would immediately escape.

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