Changing the air filters more frequently these days

I have multiple children that are all under the age of 7 years old.

My first born child suffers from a mild heart murmur.

The others are relatively healthy. I still worry about them getting the Coronavirus. I have been quite vigilant about wearing face masks as well as washing our hands. Even the kids have masks that are made to officially fit over their small faces. Each one one of them picked out the color of fabric as well as pattern for their masks, so they suppose it is more personalized. Let’s face it, masks are going to be an accessory before the crisis is over as well as almost everyone will feel safe. Another way I have been keeping our family safe is by changing the home air filters more frequently. Before the coronavirus, I changed the air filter every week. Now I change out the air filter every other week. I want to be safe as well as I don’t mind spending a little extra cash to keep our family healthy. One neighbor recently bought an air filtration unit for the house. She called an air quality specialist as well as they told her it was necessary to properly install the equipment. My family as well as I talked about that option, but it’s seriously high in price to add a whole lake house whole-house air purifier to your existing Heating, Ventilation, as well as A/C unit. It would be far easier to purchase a few portable whole-house air purifiers. I’m not ready to spend more money on an air cleaning unit yet. If I get to that point, I might invest money to get a UV whole-house air purifier with HEPA technology, but for now, I guess we’re safe changing out the air filter frequently.

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