Radiant heated flooring is for rich people with money

Working as an HVAC contractor means that everyday will be vastly different.

I may work on an AC installation job one day and a boiler repair on the next day.

I like the fact that every day will be different and that means that I rarely get bored on the job. Last week, I spent most of the days working on HVAC tune-up calls. It’s the time of the year when everyone is preparing for the winter season. Servicing the heating equipment is one necessary chore if you want optimal performance from the heating equipment. I completed 13 furnace tune-ups over a three day period. This week I was working with two other HVAC contractors to install radiant heated flooring in a penthouse downtown. The penthouse is on the 27th floor and the view of the football stadium is amazing. You can see the fifty yard line from the bedroom window. The bathroom in the penthouse was bigger than my entire apartment. My co-workers and I were there to install radiant heated flooring. Radiant heated flooring is a special network of tubes that carry warm air or warm liquid. The tubes create warmth and that warm air radiates up from the ground. Radiant heat is expensive to install, but the monthly heating costs are much less than a furnace for a heat pump. Radiant heat is a huge installation project, which is why most people don’t have this option in their home. The total cost to have the radiant heat installed in this penthouse was over ten grand, and we just installed heating tubes in the living room and master bedroom.

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