The new guy made a huge mistake

I have been working since I was 15 years old. My first job was in a car wash. I washed, dried and detailed cars on the weekend. I also work in a restaurant as a waiter. My favorite job is the one I have now. I spent 16 months going to classes at a trade school so I could learn how to repair and install HVAC systems. I scored very high on the placement test, and I received a scholarship to attend the technical school. After 16 months, I finished the HVAC program with honors. Since I had excellent grades in all of my classes, it was easy to find a job. I started working for an HVAC company that specializes in commercial and industrial applications. I worked in the field for a year before I felt comfortable. I was lucky to have a great mentor that answered all of my questions during the training period. It’s one of the reasons why I decided to become a mentor last year. My boss wanted me to train a new employee and he offered to increase my hourly wage. I agreed to the deal and the new guy came to work with me. The first week of work was slow and I had to explain a lot of steps to the new guy. During the second week, I let the guy work on HVAC tune-ups without supervision. On Tuesday, he made a huge mistake. Instead of taking his time, he was rushing through a job and accidentally broke something. We had to replace the $75 item for free and the customer still complained about the screw up.



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