The spa gave me a cool job with some perks

I had been working on A/C repairs a few weeks ago as well as I got gave a legitimately cool job.

I was working on a large commercial A/C problem in a venue that offers spa as well as massage and facial treatments.

It’s quite overpriced as well as overpriced venue that has overly heated tile massage, clay facials, as well as mud bath. I have been down to the spa several times over the last few weeks, because they continue to have concerns with the cooling system. The previous time I was working on an A/C repair, the owner of the spa gave me a job. She wants to hire me as a full-time staff member with the expertise to repair many of the concerns that occur frequently from morning to morning. Many of these concerns occur with items that I have expertise to fix. The owner of the A/C repair shop was astonished when I told him about the offer. I told our supervisor about the perks as well as the raise in pay. Since the owner of the A/C repair shop did not offer to supply me with a raise, I decided to take the new job with the spa. So far, things have been entirely new, fun as well as exciting. I continue to work on A/C concerns, however I am also responsible for working on other concerns with other machines inside of the building. I have l received how to repair the tanning beds as well as heat lamps, freezing room refrigeration equipment, as well as a number of other important machines. I don’t regret leaving the cooling system repair shop for an hour. This job is much more fun than the boring as well as regular repair stuff.

a/c serviceman

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