Are you sure that is the right cooling system?

I am a home interior designer & sporadically that includes more than just swatches & paint samples.

I am in these homes so often that I sporadically suppose like I should set up camp inside so I can be there for each step of the long transformation.

Only a couple of weeks ago, I was in this one house, & the Heating & A/C business arrived. I didn’t even guess they were supposed to be here, since the owners had not left me any notice. I asked them if they were sure they had the correct house? The Heating & A/C tech showed me her toil order & told me she was to install a new air conditioning unit. I was working in a numerous-study room, near many powder rooms. I looked around the cooling system & I was pretty sure it wasn’t the right AC unit for this house. It looked far too small to cool the apartment I was in. I followed the Heating & A/C specialist to the rear of the apartment where she was to set up the air conditioning unit. There was already another AC unit there, & I couldn’t see them getting rid of this big monstrosity & installing this smaller unit. I asked the girl if she was legitimately certain this was the new home of the smaller AC unit. She looked at the AC unit that already sat there & the AC unit she had with him. She then took out her iPhone & called her manager. She had the right address, however on the wrong side of town. She should have been on the west side of city & not on the east side.


Heating and air conditioning system

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