Coronavirus has legitimately screwed up my timing.

With the outbreak of the coronavirus, many people have worked from home.

  • I am one of those people who are working from their homes, & I find I am having a difficult time keeping track of time & what afternoon it is.

I keep losing afternoons & just last week; I hadn’t even changed the calendar to a new week. It was this lack of awareness that had me also forgetting to have my oil furnace cleaned & checked out. By the time I realized what the date was, I was seeing snowflakes falling. All I could do was grumble & wonder if I had done any damage to my oil furnace. I called the Heating & A/C business & explained to me what had happened. The lady who answered the iPhone at the Heating & A/C business, guffawed. She said I wasn’t the only one who had lost track of time. They must have had a long backlog of repair inspections that had to be done from the way she talked. I was going to need to wait for at least several weeks until I was able to have the inspection done on the oil furnace. I changed my air filters, & waited. I wanted to make sure I had all the repairs done that I was able to do, hoping my oil furnace wouldn’t give me any problems. I wasn’t that nervous about me getting cold, but I nervous about what would happen if the pipes were to freeze solid. I had frozen pipes before, & it wasn’t an experience I wanted to repeat. Not only did I have a huge mess, however the cost was quite costly.


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