Every one of us saw the flames from a mile away.

My very best buddy Greg & I had been out hiking.

Every one of us were just coming up over the top of the hill when Greg and I saw the flames & heard the explosion.

Every one of us knew it was the apartment building close to my house, & Greg and I sprinted home. It took us almost twenty minutes to get back to the home. Every one of us both knew it had to have been an explosion from the way the flames blasted up, however Greg and I didn’t guess what had caused it. By the time the people I was with and I got back inside the house, the fire business was already there, & the fire was almost out. The fire inspector told us the explosion appeared to have come from the oil furnace. She could see by the debris & the odors of the gas, the oil furnace was the point of the explosion. This made me ponder about the oil furnace at my parent’s house. Their oil furnace was also a natural gas oil furnace. I wondered if my parents had their oil furnace cleaned as often as they could. I knew that gas oil heating systems were notorious for leaking carbon monoxide into the house. If the inspections aren’t done respectfully & officially there is a certain component that can split and crack. The crack comes from stress because of needing to toil too hard. Whenever this component cracks, the oil furnace builds up the carbon monoxide & it leaks out into the air. The carbon monoxide gas is odorless, legitimately white, & tasteless. It is also deadly if not found quickly enough. I think their neighbors were lucky to just have the oil furnace explosion while no one was home. It would have been a shame if the oil furnace had just broken & that entire family had perished.

Heat pump maintenance

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