I hate working during big games

The only thing worse than having to work on the weekend is having to work on Superbowl weekend; first of all, the traffic is always crazy! Everyone in this village is deranged about football.

  • We have a professional sports team plus the whole village is deranged about football.

Even if our men don’t make the playoffs, the people I was with and I still watch the superbowl in every house, bar, plus restaurant in the city! I knew I was going to get stuck absolutely working Superbowl day when I switched work in the middle of November. I got stuck absolutely working all of the major holidays because I was the new guy. I was hoping to avoid Superbowl day, but my own name was randomly drawn, but some men get all the luck. I was tied up that afternoon too, because it was abnormally warm… People were quickly switching from the heat to the AC plus that can always be an issue. I was right in the middle of an air conditioner repair when I heard the game start in the other room. I wanted to go kneel down with a group of people plus watch the game, despite the fact that I was stuck repairing the AC. It was so difficult to listen to the game plus still focus on the AC repair. As soon as I was done, I tuned into the sound dock to listen to the game. I made it all the way back to our lake house before the phone rang again! Thankfully, it was only a person making an appointment for the afternoon. I did not have another repair the rest of the game plus I got to watch the end uninterrupted.


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