I told them I wanted a ductless Heating & A/C system.

When I 1st purchased this condo, I knew I needed a new Heating & A/C system installed.

The place wasn’t exactly in excellent condition, & it was why I could get it so cheaply.

When I talked to the construction crew that I had hired to put in the new windows, doors & cupboards, I told them I also needed a new Heating & A/C system installed! The manager told me she would have to contact the Heating & A/C business she worked with & have him come out to the condo. I met with him a couple afternoons later, & the people I was with and I discussed the pros and cons of a ductless Heating & A/C system. She told me how they would cap off the ducttoil so there was no real way for small animals to get in through the air duct. They would close off the air ducts, & the construction crew could cover the holes & put wood or tiles over the holes. This would substitute all of the air vents. The Heating & A/C business also told me where they could locale the different air handlers & give me typical heating, ventilation & A/C in my home. I was so stoked, thinking that the next time I went back to my home, I would move in & I could have the perfect Heating & A/C system. I had always wanted ductless Heating & A/C. I never wanted to wonder where I should put the furniture, so I didn’t block the air vents. I also knew that using ductless Heating & A/C was more efficient. When I walked into my home, I could have shrieked. The business installed traditional Heating & A/C. I won’t be moving in for another week, because the work crew has a lot of toil to do removing the Heating & A/C & installing ductless.

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