It’s hard to listen to the game and work

The only thing worse than having to work on the weekend is having to work on Superbowl weekend.

First of all, the traffic is always crazy.

Everyone in this town is crazy about football. We have a professional sports team and the whole city is crazy about football. Even if our guys don’t make the playoffs, we still watch the superbowl in every house, bar, and restaurant in the city. I knew I was going to get stuck working Superbowl Sunday when I switched my job around in the middle of September. I got stuck working all of the major holidays because I was the new guy. I was hoping to avoid Superbowl Sunday, but my name was randomly drawn. Some guys get all the luck. I was busy that day too, because it was abnormally warm. People were quickly switching from the heat to the AC and that can always be an issue. I was right in the middle of an A/C repair when I heard the game start in the other room. I wanted to go sit down with a group of people and watch the game, but I was stuck repairing the AC. It was so hard to listen to the game and still focus on the AC repair. As soon as I was done, I tuned into the radio to listen to the game. I made it all the way home before the phone rang again. Thankfully, it was only a person making an appointment for the morning. I didn’t have another repair the rest of the game and I got to watch the end uninterrupted.


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