My wife is waiting for me to have dinner

I took a day off work today, so I could be at the apartment when the new ductless HVAC unit was installed.

  • My wife went to work.

We were supposed to meet for dinner later that evening, but the HVAC installation took longer than we expected. The contractor had to get special permission from the apartment building owner because the ductless HVAC unit is not listed in their approved heating and cooling appliances. The owner of the HVAC company assured me that it would not be a problem, because he already installed several ductless HVAC systems in the building during the previous months. Unfortunately, the contractor had to have a signed form before he could start the work and the building owner could not be reached. We didn’t get the guy on the phone until after ten and we were hoping to start the project long before that. The ductless HVAC unit gave the contractor some trouble due to the wiring behind the wall. We ran into plenty of snags for three jobs. By the time the contractor finished the installation job, my wife was left waiting an hour at work before we could meet for dinner. Thankfully we were going to her favorite restaurant. As soon as she had her first glass of wine, she was ready to relax and unwind. We ordered some appetizers and a bottle of white wine. I had shrimp and lobster and my wife had salmon. We enjoyed our dinner and a few glasses of wine before going back home to enjoy our new heating and cooling machine.

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