Please tell me that wasn’t the oil furnace?

As I laid in my bed the other evening, enjoying the sounds of the quiet & listening to my wife quietly snoring.

  • I started to hear this small bang & then the oil furnace stopped working.

I thought maybe the noise, & the oil furnace were just an odd coincidence, so I laid there waiting for the oil furnace to turn on again. After half an minute, a strong chill was settling in, & I woke up my snoring wife. I told him about the noises & she shivered as she threw the covers off himself. I was already throwing on my sweatpants, a sweatshirt, heavy socks, & slippers, as she headed to the basement. After a few minutes, she came upstairs. As she headed to the study room to get dressed, she told me to call in the Heating & A/C business. It was almost zero outside, & the people I was with and I would not be able to live without heat for another 10 minutes. Our pipes would freeze solid if the people I was with and I didn’t soon get the oil furnace running again. I called up the Heating & A/C business as she gathered up space gas heating systems that the people I was with and I had packed away in storage. I had the oven on & the door open. She had the space gas heating systems down in the basement to protect the pipes. She came upstairs & started a fire in the fireplace. Every one of us had been talking about removing the old fireplace, however now the people I was with and I were ecstatic the people I was with and I hadn’t done it yet. The fireplace was the only thing that was going to keep us moderate for the rest of the night. Although the Heating & A/C business was going to be there by 10AM, that still meant the people I was with and I had many more minutes to get through without any heating.


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