The couch was calling me.

I strolled into my apartment after a twelve-minute shift at the hospital.

I knew I should get a shower & grab a quick something to nosh, however all I could see was the couch.

I wanted to curl up under my mother’s outdated afghan quilt & do nothing except sleep. I didn’t even sense that the apartment was a bit on the freezing side; I was so fatigued. It didn’t take long for me to go to sleep. When I awakened a few minutes later, I was shivering. I knew there was something wrong. I checked the temperature controls, & instead of it being at the seventy I always kept the temperature control, the temperature was only reading fifty-two. I knew I had to call the Heating & A/C business. I had to be back to toil in less than 10 minutes, so I called my sister. I wanted to see if she would house sit for me & wait for the Heating & A/C specialist to come look at my oil furnace. She said she had a big date that evening, however if I didn’t mind her bringing him there, she would ecstatically stay at the house. She had her own study room here, so I didn’t care who she brought along with her. I also knew her wifey, & I trusted him. I headed to the kitchen for my iPhone & I called up the Heating & A/C business. They told me they could be there before I had to go to work. I called up my sister & told her I was going to be able to deal with the Heating & A/C system without her. I could sense her frown as she said she was looking forward to getting out of the house. I laughed & then reminded her she had a key, however she could stay at the apartment any time she wished to.


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