When the boughs break isn’t just for nursery rhymes.

Do you recall that outdated lullaby Rockabye Baby? In it, it says about when the bough breaks, the cradle will fall.

I used to consider this a nursery rhyme & I often pondered what a bough was & why it could break & cause the cradle to fall.

Why would someone ever put the baby’s cradle up in a tree? It made very little sense, but I sang it to my teenagers as my mother sang to me & her mother had sang it to her. Now that my teenagers were growing up, I had all however forgotten about the boughs snapping until the other evening. I was lying in bed, only half awake, when I heard a legitimately loud snap & then a crash. My wife was working, so I couldn’t wake him up to check it out, but I would call him. When I saw the tree limb coming through the roof of the spare room, I just stood there frozen. I could suppose the freezing air rushing in through the hole, & the heat was flying out. I didn’t want to have to lose all the heat. My oil furnace was running non-stop, & I wanted to keep the heat inside. I shut the door & put a quilt up over the door, hoping to keep the heat from being pulled out from the rest of the house. I called our insurance business, & I called my wife. There wasn’t too much more I could do however get some heavier clothes on. When my wife called me, she told me to get out of the apartment & go to a hotel where there was heat. She wanted nothing else to happen to me in case the tree did more damage than I was imagining.



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