Needed a new motor for the nice recliner

My mother is the type of lady that enjoys buying specialty gifts for birthdays, holidays, and Christmas.

When I was a little one, my mother purchased me a bicycle that had unicorn stripes and lovely silver tassels.

It honestly looked exactly like a bicycle that I had in a dream. My father purchased my mother an up-to-date recliner a couple of weeks back. It was their anniversary and my mother really wanted to do something special and extraordinary. My mother is harshly tall and she has a difficult time resting comfortably in most pieces of furniture. She often complains about the furniture in the living room and she barely spends any time in the dining room. My father managed to find a custom furniture builder and he had the woman make an up-to-date recliner especially for our mother and her harshly long legs. My mother was truly surprised when our Dad provided her the gift. She rested in the chair all weekend and she only got up for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My mother loves to watch athletic interests such as golf, tennis, and football from the chair. My mother absolutely and totally adores the chair. My mother actually has used the up-to-date recliner so often that the chair must have an up-to-date motor already. Fortunately, the chair is still under warranty from the custom furniture builder. My father arranged for an appointment for repair on the chair and the custom furniture builder is going to come to the household on Wednesday to upgrade the motor. The woman isn’t even going to charge our Dad for a repair appointment since the chair is still under warranty.
Handmade chairs

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