The local theater is getting a new air cooled chiller

It takes a lot of skill to turn a profit with a theater company during an economic recession. Tickets to plays are already expensive enough, especially when it’s a question of that versus eating dinner for the rest of the week. I loved visiting the theater when I was younger, but I have to admit that it has been years since I’ve gone. Even with a decline in public interest, the local theater still thrived. They managed to host concerts with old bands that mostly tour small food festivals and county fairs. The ticket prices were always fair so they managed to sell out fairly often. As they hosted acts like Molly Hatchet and Eddie Money, they garnered more interest from residents in the area. I think they have stuck to that model for the most part. Whenever I drive by on my way home from work in the early evening hours, I usually see a band name on their marquee. They still host plays and have opera nights, but I think those events only bring in a fraction of their overall revenue these days. I heard they scored a liquor license so they could sell drinks before, during, and after their concerts. That probably boosted their revenue considerably. One criticism that I’ve noticed on social media regarding the theater is their abysmal air cooling. Apparently they’re still using the same ancient air conditioner that they’ve had for decades. When you start increasing the capacity of a space and hosting concerts where people are jumping and dancing, you’re dealing with more heat than ever before. I think they’re moving in the right direction by installing a new air cooled chiller to keep the interior nice and cold during events of all kinds. I might get concert tickets some night if my wife is interested.

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