I Needed a Ductless Mini System In My Office Shed

I also had nowhere to store either of them during the offseason

One of the main selling points to the house I’m in was the shed in the backyard. It was situated right off the covered patio, which meant it was really easy to access. It had several large windows inside, and the roof was pretty high for a standard shed. The previous owners were using it to hold all their gardening tools, but I had other plans for it. I work from home, so I wanted to transform the shed into an office that was separate from the house. I’d had a home office within the main house for years, but it was noisy and I often got distracted. My kids were also old enough to stay in the house unsupervised now, so the shed was the perfect escape. The only thing about the shed was that it wasn’t insulated and there was no heat or air. Thankfully, my handy husband was able to add a thin layer of insulation. We knew we’d never be able to connect the shed to our central HVAC ductwork, so we had to get creative on how to heat and cool the space. My husband thought a simple portable heater and fan would be nice, but I didn’t want to give up space within the already tiny shed. I also had nowhere to store either of them during the offseason. After researching other HVAC options, I discovered the ductless mini system. It was a thin, modern unit that attached to any wall and it was controlled by a small remote. I could switch between heat and air effortlessly, and it ran off electricity! This was the best way to heat and cool my office in the shed!

Air vent

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