I Switched to Central AC

After living in this region for 3 years now, I’ve realized that having central AC isn’t necessary.

  • The weather is so mild during the summer months that leaving a few windows open is usually enough.

I do have a couple window AC units that I use on the warmer days. Winter on the other hand is a lot more intense. The temperature begins to fall in the middle of August, and by September we’ve typically had our first snow. It snows heavily until February and then we get light dustings of ice and snow until April or sometimes even May. Since the cold, winter season lasts so long here, a good central furnace is essential in this region. Everybody knows how important it is to buy the best furnace on the market and that it needs servicing twice per year in order to run efficiently. Even though I don’t need central AC because the summer heat isn’t that bad, I still wanted to upgrade from my window units. I hated how big and bulky they were, because they took up the whole window. I couldn’t put curtains around the units either. I also didn’t like how noisy the window units were whenever I turned the AC on. I met with an HVAC professional and asked how easy it would be to install central AC, so he looked at the existing HVAC system in order to give me an estimate. Thankfully, I already had ductwork installed for the furnace, so I wouldn’t have to spend thousands of dollars on ductwork. I’m so glad I made the decision to switch from window AC units to central AC, even if I only use it for a few weeks.

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Cape Town, South Africa