My brother will probably live in my mom’s garage forever

Shortly after I graduated from high school, I started going to night classes at the technical school so I could learn HVAC repair.

I studied and worked hard for 10 months and I’ve finished the course.

While I was working on the course, my brother graduated from high school as well. I thought he was going to apply to the technical school, but he never filled out the application. Instead, he decided to start working at the sawmill. He lived with my parents for a couple of months while he was saving money for an apartment. After three or four months, my mom and dad wanted to know how the savings was going. My brother had a meltdown and he started yelling at my mom and dad. My mom and dad have not mentioned another word to the kid about moving or working and I think they are afraid of his reaction. I’m working hard everyday as an HVAC repairman and it makes me angry to see my brother taking advantage of my mom and dad. We are 25 years old now and my brother still lives in the basement. My mom washes his shirt, pants, sock, and underwear. She makes him breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My dad caters to his needs too. I don’t know if he gets this special treatment because he is the baby, but it really irritates me. I wish my mom and dad would give the guy a date to move out so he would get off his lazy butt and find a place of his own.


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