My mom ordered air filters for the house and they were surprisingly cheap

The desert air can be very dry and arid.

It’s no wonder the wonky plants that grow in the area are cactuses that need little or no water to live.

The area where I live is very dry and there is very little moisture in the air. We receive about one inch of rain every year and most of that occurs during the same week. The rest of the year there is a lot of dust in the air that we breathe. My mom and I both suffer from allergies, so we use air filters in our home that are made for allergy sufferers. Sometimes my Mom and I buy a box of 6 and split the cost. We can save a couple of dollars if we order them online. Last weekend, my mom told me that she ordered a box of air filters for the house. She didn’t wait to find out if I needed some because the air filters were surprisingly cheap. My mom purchased a box of six and the cost was less than half of the amount that my mom usually pays. My mom was shopping online and came across a daily by and all of the air filtration items in the shop were on sale. My mom found a lot of items that were surprising. I gave my mom $40 to help with the cost of the air filters. They arrived a couple of days later and they were actually really good quality. It was one heck of a great deal. I wish my mom would have bought two of them at that price.

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