My sister is diligent with her air conditioner maintenance and care

Even though we all had the same parents, my siblings and I are all vastly different.

  • This goes for both personality and temperament.

My brother is lazy and doesn’t have very many aspirations. He works a job that keeps him afloat financially, but he’s happy coming home every night and getting drunk before he goes to bed and repeats the process the following day. He’s single and has no desire to form a long term relationship with a partner. Instead, he has his fun at the bars on the weekends with his various one night stands. My sister is the exact opposite. She is extremely motivated and has excelled in life since she was a student in kindergarten. She always had the best grades out of the three of us, and it was to no one’s surprise when she was accepted into an Ivy League university. Aside from her academic pursuits, she’s also hands on with maintenance around the house and is better with tools than my brother. It’s inspiring to see someone as devoted to air conditioner maintenance and care as she is. She orders her HVAC filters in bulk off the internet and creates alarms in her phone as reminders to swap them out after four weeks transpire. She also has an annual maintenance contract that covers quarterly inspections by her HVAC supplier. This prevents any latent issues from becoming serious problems. You always have the privilege of knowing that your system is being watched regularly by a trained professional. I signed up for my own maintenance contract at her recommendation.


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