The Window AC Unit Blocked My Lake View, So I Removed It

I’ve always dreamed about owning my own house on one of the biggest lakes in the state.

My grandmother has a house on the lake and as I’ve grown up visiting her, I’ve always admired her lake access. I told myself that I was going to graduate college, work hard for a few years in order to make money for a downpayment, and then I was going to buy my first house on that same lake. I toured a few properties with a realtor, but there was one that stood out to me the most. The wall facing the lake had floor to ceiling windows that overlooked the lake and the master bedroom had a big lake-facing window as well. I envisioned myself waking up to watch the sunrise there with my coffee and fell in love. Shortly after moving in, I noticed a hitch in my plans. There was a window AC unit in the master bedroom. It was large and chunky and the only thing I could see from bed. Instead of waking up and looking at the sunrise, all I could see was the window AC unit! Not only was it big, but it made a lot of noise too! I couldn’t stand to endure the window AC unit, so I called my HVAC provider and asked about installing central AC instead. Unfortunately, it was going to cost a fortune because the house didn’t have any ductwork. Instead, the HVAC professional suggested I install a ductless mini split system. It was a sleek and modern HVAC unit that attached to the wall and would quietly give off air. The ductless mini split system was the most affordable and efficient option!


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