I Hope I Don’t Have to Go Back to the Office

I’m so glad that I wake up every day, roll over, and get to work without even a shower.

I never appreciated commuting to the office building every day for job I could very do from my own bed! Don’t even get me ranting about the traffic plus the wasted energy every day, plus, it was consistently so miserable sitting with my gas furnace blasting in the traffic gridlock as the chilly wind blew like a hurricane into my car.

Talk about freezing drafts. I was burning hot plus freezing freezing because of the a/c battling the sun, more mornings than not. After that, I would go like a melancholy fool into the office plus be beyond uncomfortable all day long. I am sure you can already understand that setting a single control unit for several people makes a lot of indoor air temperature control swings take locale. The others in the office and I could never come to agreement on a single temperature for all of our central heating, cooling, plus ventilation equipment. All my coworkers were getting into pouty fits about the commercial a/c system or heating unit that working there was pure misery. I guess my productivity was much lower at the office with all of these temperature control pouty fits taking up so much of my attention plus energy. Since we all have started working from lake home I have been so content with my Heating, Ventilation plus A/C settings and my actual job. I can be so productive because I have my own a/c! With a single person setting the temperature control device, I am able to enjoy my life and do my job more efficiently.



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