It was a leap for me, no doubt

One afternoon I decided to go out on my own and have our fortune read plus it was an absolutely interesting experience.

  • First of all, the building was particularly well organized when I walked in, it had appealing decor plus it even had a fireplace.

It was not a real fireplace, but one of those faux fireplaces, however it was relaxing. The fortune I eventually got I thought was absolutely impressive plus this woman was a dream. I had unhappily been single ever since I divorced our wife several years ago plus I thought there was a great deal of potential here as I saw no wedding ring on her finger. Because I was feeling too shy to just ask for a date, I kept going back once per week to have our fortune read. Eventually, I believe she started to get the idea that I was there for more than just our fortune plus she finally asked me if she could take me out to dinner sometime. I was enthusiastic when she happily took me to this appealing Indian Restaurant. I had never tried this food, but I was totally impressed with the spices plus the fresh aromas in the place. I even asked if they had a UV air purification program in there as she told me all about it. She said she was super great friends with the owner of the place. That became clear when everybody showered us with their attention. It was as though the people I was with and I were a section of their family plus I had the absolute joy to be there. I’m glad the people I was with and I have started dating, however I honestly never thought I would date a fortune teller. Of course, it doesn’t matter what your daily profession is, as long as you take it seriously.

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